Updating all tables in a microsoft access database using dreamweaver

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Before starting this Oracle By Example, please have the following prerequisites completed: create sequence emp_id_seq start with 400; create trigger my_emp_id_trigger before insert on employees for each row begin select emp_id_seq.nextval into :new.employee_id from dual; end; / -- -- Also to simplify the example we remove this trigger otherwise -- records can only be updated once without violating the -- PYTHONHOL.JHIST_EMP_ID_ST_DATE_PK constraint -- drop trigger update_job_history; -- -- Allow employees to be changed when testing the lab after hours.

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I have a Microsoft Access database that has a table with a "Yes/No" boolean data type field.But i do not know how to implemeted this in my php script. Thanks If I understand you correctly, you want to insert into all tables with only ONE QUERY?As far as I know, PHP's mysql_query() function doesn't support multiple queries (insert, select, update etc), and as you are inserting into different tables with different fields/columns, you have to run a separate query for each. EG: table with the field/column name of "games" as it will have an error (the field doesn't exist in the table) Again only as far as I know, UNION and JOIN aren't for insert.But when I try the same thing from a "hidden" field, the database field is ..."INSERT INTO one_tbl (id, hotel_name, street) VALUES('', '".$hotel Name."', '".$street."',)";"INSERT INTO two_tbl (games_id, hotel_name, roulette,) VALUES('', '".$games_id."', '".$hotel_name."', '".$bj."')";"INSERT INTO three_tbl (rest_id, hotel_name, rest_name1,) VALUES('".$rest_id."', '".$hotel_name."', '".$rest1."')"; What I would like to do is get all the data from a form and post it in multiple tables but still refer to the entry as a whole. A hotel and casino, the first table would be the details of the company, the second table would be the games they offer and the third table would be the restaurants in the casino.

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