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There is no equivalent movement to reduce the noise level of TV shows themselves—a fact I couldn’t help reflecting on as I watched a new afternoon talk show on CBS called “The Talk,” which is patterned after ABC’s long-running morning show “The View.” “The Talk,” which was created by the actress Sara Gilbert (Darlene on “Roseanne”), is aimed specifically at not-so-young women with youngish children. of CBS Corporation, which makes him the boss of everyone on the show.Joining Gilbert at the chatting table and on the interview couch are Sharon Osbourne, the actresses Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini, and Julie Chen, the host of “Big Brother” and—until she joined “The Talk”—the co-anchor of CBS’s “The Early Show,” who happens to be married to Leslie Moonves, the president and C. Marissa Jaret Winokur, who starred in the Broadway version of “Hairspray,” sometimes puts in an appearance, doing remote spots and taking care of the now de-rigueur task of reading viewers’ tweets on the air.“The Talk” premièred in mid-October, and I checked it out early on, out of more than idle interest."Leah knows that I have never been in the position to hire or fire anyone on the show.

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leah remini sara gilbert dating-40

's co-hosts were promoting the daytime talk show at CBS' fall TV previews, Gilbert was shy to include the name of her partner in the show's press release.with Osbourne, Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen, but they were not asked back for the second season.Peete complained last fall that she didn't understand why she had been fired, but Remini put the blame solely on Osbourne in a series of Twitter posts this week.."I had absolutely nothing to do w her departure from the show & have no idea why she continues to take to Twitter to spread this false gossip," Osbourne wrote.Leah Remini mocked the idea of teenage boys being obsessed with boobies, and began grabbing her own before reaching over to her co-host Sara Gilbert. Leah Remini's Fight With Sharon Osbourne Over Dinner: While at dinner with her co-hosts of The Talk, Remini criticized Osbourne's work demeanor, which resulted in a heated verbal confrontation, that started with Osbourne telling Remini, "'The only reason you care is because you're a loser, and you have nothing else going on in your life.' [quote]'Oh, did everybody hear that? I was watching The Talk today when Sharon Osbourne made that rape comment like she thought prison rape was so comical (and enjoyable), and I couldn't believe my ears.

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