Internet dating infidelity

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This problem also arises with dating sites: You meet a person through an Internet singles warehouse like my personal fave, Ok Cupid, and he's great …

but maybe one of the million other guys on the site is more awesome?

They then weeded through the messages each group received and drew conclusions about the nature of infidelity online -- and the results may surprise you.

Scroll through the infographic below to see what they found out.

And it can make you a little more tempted than you would be if it seemed like your only options were your annoying co-worker and that no-so-hot grandchild of your great-aunt's pinochle partner, whom she keeps trying to set you up with.

Here in the city that never sleeps (because it's too busy sleeping around!

), you don't even need to get on your laptop to look for sexy people.

This past semester in school, I did a research paper on this very topic - Infidelity and the Internet.In modern American society today, the world has gotten much smaller, thanks to the advances of technology - specifically, the Internet.The access to information is one of the most obvious benefits that the Internet has to offer; in addition, there is an equal increase in access to other people.The study, by psychology lecturers Dr Andreas Vossler and Dr Naomi Moller allowed participants to write in detail about their experiences with internet infidelity.Findings revealed that the Internet made covert contact with another person easy and had a dis-inhibiting effect, making it easier to engage in behaviour that might be avoided in real life.

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