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Family dinners might be “annoying,” Marine adds, if your date doesn’t eat like everyone else and requires a separate menu.WATCH: Vegetarian recipes The survey shows when asked nicely, close to half of meat eaters are willing to go “semi”-vegetarian.“I know that speed dating is not a new concept but one specifically for vegetarians and vegans was definitely very unique,” Brighton adds.Whether you are vegetarian or vegan discover a dating site entirely dedicated to singles who love veggies.One-third would agree not to eat meat in front of their partner.Close to a quarter would even forgo delicious meat dishes in the name of love."I felt like I was cheating on her with food, which was a challenge because that erodes the trust in a relationship." Psychologist Jeannine Crofton knows about vegan/meat eater relationships first-hand.

Now it's easier than ever to meet women and men online that share your views and values.Caroline Wagner has been an associate producer with CBC Calgary since 2012. Caroline has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from University of King's College in Halifax.She has worked for CTV Atlantic in Halifax and City TV in Calgary. David Poon thought he and the woman he fell for could overcome.Psychologist Salama Marine, of Elite Singles, admits dating someone with different food preferences can be challenging. The hardest part of “inter-diet” dating for both is cooking together.It’s as intimate as you can get without taking your clothes off, she explains.

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