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Dressed as if for a beauty contest, they are among more than 1,000 bidding to make it to the next stage of this bizarre competition -- the chance to join an exclusive group of 50 vying for marriage to a multimillionaire.

[Source: AFP, Carol Huang, August 24, 2012] The testing process screens everything from looks and education to family background and astrological compatibility.

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The success of the endeavor prompted other super-rich but lonely men to seek virgin brides, spawning a mini- industry run by a Shanghai lawyer who chose a bride for himself from among the applicants.

While online dating is definitely the leader in revenue growth other dating services have also greatly benefited from this change in the way we meet people and find love.

Offline dating such as singles events, dating coaching and matchmaking have all seen great success in this new wave of “dating acceptance” as people turn to these alternatives for assistance with finding a partner/s.

While online dating services give the consumer access to a larger pool of potential matches offline dating services allow for greater matching capabilities not possible with software matching systems offered by online dating.

The increasing popularity of the dating services in Australia has driven business upwards over the past five years.

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