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She taught her children to pick corn, shell peas, snap beans – everything that the garden produced her children had their role in the harvest. Her son David had his own pigstye on a portion of the land. Marcia drove to and from his home daily for years cooking and cleaning for him. Marcia always cared for the elderly and little ones. The sea of clamoring yellow taxis that has long been a fixture at Tijuana’s pedestrian border entrance was gone on Sunday morning — only two or three cabs lined up, waiting politely for customers as police officers stood vigil.If Tijuana City Hall has its way, the cabs will soon be gone altogether,...He enjoyed a number of hobbies that included building his own home and his own airplane.He is survived by his mother, Lila; three brothers Steve, Keith, and Kevin; a sister, Ann, and several nieces and nephews.

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